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The Perfect Date: Frascati


Frascati’s Table 33 is one of San Francisco’s most romantic tables. With its high level view of the restaurant’s open kitchen and dining room, the table can simultaneously delight diners that are looking for a bustling, lively dining experience combined with a private, intimate Californian-influenced Mediterranean meal.

Getting Table 33 through’s Romantic Table Marketplace™ service is only one part of a perfect date in San Francisco. The journey to Table 33 is part of creating an enchanting date experience

Frascati is located in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood, one of the city’s oldest. The neighborhood’s name goes back to the Gold Rush era, when settlers discovered a small Russian cemetery at the top of the hill. Parking in the neighborhood, particularly on weekends, is a nightmare. That’s one of – but not the primary reason – to take a cable car to the restaurant.

Start your evening in Union Square, where, if necessary, there are several public parking lots with affordable rates. From Union Square, jump onto a Powell-Hyde cable car; they run about every 10 minutes. There are few more fun, romantic and quintessential San Francisco experiences than riding a cable car. The people watching, clanging bells, pitched hill ascents, views, and, for the adventurous, standing and hanging onto the outside of the car thrill even the most jaded San Franciscans. It’s a rarely enjoyed treat.

You should think about arriving in Russian Hill, perhaps an hour or more before your Table 33 dinner reservation. Russian Hill has several charming wine bars that are great to grab a pre-dinner drink at. Stopping at one will give you chance to stroll the tree lined urban neighborhood that is one of San Francisco’s most unique. The Bacchus Wine and Sake Bar at 1954 Hyde St. is quaint and very romantic – it will complement your Frascati Table 33 romantic dinner experience perfectly. Union Larder at 1945 Hyde St. is also a great option – less intimate and romantic than Bacchus, it offers a great set of wine, cheese and charcuterie options to start off your evening.

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June 2, 2016