The Sardine Factory

Table 80
Sardine Factory

Don’t let the name or location fool you. Monterey’s Sardine Factory is a gorgeous, elegant, destination worthy restaurant. The Conservatory, one of several distinct dining rooms in the restaurant, is stunning. It’s a large, glass walled circular room; in its center are statues and the entire room is filled and surrounded by an abundant array of plants and flowers. Table 80 is a cozy two top that allows you to enjoy all the joys of the beautiful room. As you might expect at such an “old school” romantic location, dinner at The Sardine Factory can be pricey. However, food critics are consistently impressed by the cuisine, especially the seafood dishes such as their classic Monterey Clam Chowder, Pacific Coast Sand Dabs, or the Grilled Wild Abalone Medallions. Wine fans will be challenged to pick only one choice from the wine list – The Sardine Factory’s cellar features over 32,000 bottles, which have been collected for over 45 years! The restaurant’s wine list recently one Restaurant Hospitality Magazine’s “Best Wine List in America” Award.