The Mountain House

Table 8 Reserve
The Mountain House Restaurant

Should you take the Porsche or the Ferrari to dinner tonight? That’s the question many of the Silicon Valley’s most successful executives, entrepreneurs and VC’s ask themselves before heading to The Mountain House Restaurant. The Mountain House sits off of Highway 35 / Skyline Boulevard, one of the most beautiful of the Bay Area’s back roads. Part of the romantic experience of dining at The Mountain House is getting and leaving there. Even if you don’t have a top end convertible, you’ll enjoy the drive up and down Skyline Boulevard, through the woods on King Mountain, often with stunning views of the San Francisco Bay and the East Bay hills. Once you get to The Mountain House, Table 8 awaits you, located in a quiet corner of the restaurant. The cuisine at The Mountain House is eclectic. Solid familiar fare such as Rack of Lamb or Grilled Salmon anchor the menu, but you may want to be adventurous and try the Grilled Bison New York steak, served with a delightful tarragon mascarpone sauce, or the Grilled Elk Medallions that are paired with a sun-dried cherry port wine sauce.